Akhil Musthafa | A Journey of Inspiration Part 2

Here I am again with my inspiration series. For this week I chose a young photographer as an inspiration source.

Photography is an art, a talent, and a universal language. No words are needed to express what an image says. Whether you are from China, Qatar or Mexico, there is always some message that a picture will be able to deliver to you. I find inspiration in those people who can use photography to help people around, to show support, and most importantly deliver important messages through them.

“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know. ” – Diane Arbus


Akhil Musthafa, a student who graduated from Ideal Indian School, Qatar  is now doing his bachelors degree. After realizing his passion, Akhil became the sort of person to look for ideas and inspirations everywhere. His companion is the camera; he never walks without it.

” Learning to become a great photographer is a serious challenge. I’ll always be learning something new, and always looking at new directions to explore, and new challenges to face. And that’s a good thing! This is a pursuit that I will never be bored with.” , he says. Akhil dreams about being a cinematographer one day!

Here’s more on to finding inspirations and what drives Akhil to pursue his passion:

Kay: How would you define passion?

Akhil: A powerful force that cannot be stopped!

Kay:  When did you start enjoying photography? What made you try it?

Akhil: About two years ago it all started from an iPod camera, I use to go out with brother for photo-walks,my role was to carry his camera bag and tripod, I watched him and learned more and more about photography. Clicking a photo …editing it,showing it to people seeing their expressions and getting their reviews are some of my best feelings ever. For this reason I like photography. Simply because I can use my creativity in which ever way I like through my work….and instead of feeling like I am being watched…I feel like the I am hidden behind the camera. That gives me a sense of confidence to show my creativity even more. Basically, I can be me!

Most people feel insecure about their talents. The advantage of being behind the camera is that you are truly hidden and can be your own self while you showcase your talent to people.

Kay: What do you think is special about your way of photography?

Akhil: I always try to capture photographs which are had to imitate by others,It’s the people behind the photos makes it special. I am truly blessed to have some amazing friends who support my talent and help me achieve more and more.

Kay: How do you come up with ideas for different photographs?

Akhil: I capture pictures the way I see it in my mind. I’m pretty conceptual, I think of an image for days before I execute the idea. Photographing also brings some sort of calmness to me, I’ve never had a hobby in which I could spent more than 2 hours for just one result.


Kay: The best advice you have ever received.

Akhil: Never compare yourself to others in a better or worse context.

These words of Akhil I totally agree with. The only person whom you should compete against is yourself. That is the most ideal way you can grow and that way you can also be satisfied with the result you achieve. Self satisfaction and contentment are the keys to happiness in this materialistic world and time.

Kay:  Any message to the ones who are reading this interview.

Akhil: God loves everyone the same and has given everyone their own unique talents. Just because you are not famous doesn’t mean that you’re not talented. You can still shine if you believe in yourself.

Akhil Musthafa Photography handpicked for CreativitywithKay1 Akhil Musthafa Photography handpicked for Creativitywithkay2



“Passion and purpose go hand in hand. When you discover your purpose, you will normally find it’s something you’re tremendously passionate about.”  – Steve Pavlina – So readers if you believe in yourself, you can do it!


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  • Nihal Firoze
    November 26, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    A really talented person, and a very wise of choice of words. I believe that god’s got something big for you in store in the coming future.

    Keep clicking and AMAZING us !


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