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I love learning and I always look for new opportunities to learn. Learning languages is always fun, it’s a challenge that boosts your memory. I have had the chance to learn a bit of Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Malayalam and English, thanks to the place I grew up in. All of them however are Asian Languages! How about something from the Europe, I thought and I found this really nice place to learn Irish. So why Irish?


The Irish language is one of the oldest written languages in the world, it is still spoken in parts of Ireland but is classified by Unesco as being ‘definitely endangered’. Efforts are being taken to help secure the future of the language, but if we don’t act now it may be one of the world’s 3,500 languages that will disappear within the next 100 years.

The seems to be just the place that can help keep the language from dying and tries to make learning the language more fun.

Every possible idea to make the learning interesting has been kept in mind while developing the website. There’s over 365 lessons so by the time you are done with course you would have not only learn just the letters but you will also be able to use the language  even for job interviews.

It is responsive – meaning it is a mobile friendly website. So wherever, you are you don’t have to miss your lessons. There are great games to help make learning more fun. It is the must have resource to learn Irish.


To make this a reality and to help this project to keep running and trying to more people aware of the danger that the Irish language is facing, there’s more than just knowing about They are in need of your help and are running a fundraiser on IndieGoGo with really great perks for those who contribute to make the project a reality.

Please take some time to help this project become a reality, and share it with all your Irish friends.


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