ElJammi Gozalli | A series of Inspiration Part 4

Realizing what you enjoy doing is not always something that you find since a very young age. For some, it takes a lot of exploring and self-study, and there is nothing wrong about it. ElJammi started off her career working in the Media Industry. With time, she moved onto realize something that was her dream. Inspiration has no time or age – it can happen anywhere, anytime. All it requires is that you muster the courage and take the bold stop of working onto make that inspirational dream a reality.

Let’s find some inspiration from ElJammi now, shall we?

Kay: When did you realize that designing was your cup of tea?

ElJammi:  I realized that I wanted to design unique pieces for ladies after I started working in media. I had my online magazine and working with a lot of creative people around, I decided that I wanted to do something new and extravagant; That is why I created turbans which is very much in trend now. And this is how El-J started in June 2012.


Kay: What is the most important thing to you?

ElJammi: There are a lot of things that are important to me – my career takes first place; I always try to improve my brand more, and now I’m in the process of starting off my second company which is getting me very excited. Also, my family is important – their opinion and support always makes me want to continue doing my job and rise up in the media industry.

I am quite curious to see what sort of project ElJammi is about to unveil. It will be more of a reason for inspiration.

Kay: Who is your best friend in the fashion industry?

ElJammi: I do not have any best friends in the media industry. There are a lot of people who I just really like and respect working with. For example, fashion photographer Mariyah, we always chit-chat on our shoots. She is amazing.

Kay: How do you get inspired?

ElJammi: My inspirations always come from various sources. I can get inspired from either a movie, a person, some culture,  architecture or more. My latest inspiration muse has been the Gatsby movie.

Kay: That kind of sounds like me! So tell me what makes you unique?

ElJammi: I can not call myself unique  because that would be just a bit selfish 🙂 . I guess I’m just proud that I’m achieving my dreams at a young age.


Kay: How would you define passion?

ElJammi: Passion is happiness. When you do something with passion and love , it makes you happy, right? Passion is something that you achieve after you discover yourself,what you are good at. Like I was running around trying out different jobs , trying to understand where I belonged and finally I found myself in fashion: designing , creating and that is when I found my passion 🙂
Kay: What was the best advice you ever received?
ElJammi:  I always receive the best advice from my mother and fiance. The one I really recall and still follow it is this one: One day, I called my mother crying and saying that I don’t want to do anything anymore , I want to close down my brand , and my mother told me that a country wasn’t built in one day. What she meant was that I needed to be patient and work hard because nothing works from the first day.
Kay: An advice that you would like to give your readers!
ElJammi:  I receive a lot of emails and questions from young people  asking  how I reached where I am. The answer is simple – Always dream and work hard. I believe if you put a specific idea in front of yourself of what you want to do and who you want to be and plan it all properly and work hard, you will reach it for sure.
Lots of lessons ElJammi has learnt, she was kind enough to share with us.
Do you have a story? Share with us to know what inspired you.
It’s not how much money you make that ultimately makes you happy.  It’s whether or not your work fulfills you.



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