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Kdeeja: Andrea please tell us a little about yourself?

Andrea: I am a very busy person, a working mum and loving it. I have lived in Qatar for 7 years, originally planned to stay for 3, but still here, this place is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. I have worked as a hair stylist and make-up artist at Al Jazeera English Channel.



Kdeeja: What made you want to become a make-up Artist?

Andrea: After college, I was pursuing to be a lawyer, but then I had a car accident. Whilst recovering, I used to go to self-ridges and Harvey Nichols in London to have a makeovers by various brands and fell in love with the idea of becoming a make-up artist myself instantly!

Kdeeja: From a lawyer to make-up Artist Interesting! What has been the biggest challenge of your career?

Andrea: My biggest challenge would have to be when I first started out and was asked to work on Pop Idols. Does anyone remember that?

Kdeeja: What’s the secret to seamless foundation application?

Andrea: If you want to get a seamless, or I like to use the word flawless application and finish, make sure your skin is prepped before ( cleansed, toned and moisturized, or applied a primer), then use a concealer brush to apply concealer of you need it! then smooth out with your fingers, then start putting tiny amounts of foundation (again, only if you need it!) with a brush them smooth it out with your fingers again.


Kdeeja: What are your favorite Spring 2014 beauty trends?

Andrea:  It’ ll have to be cat-eye eyeliner!! I always loved it and I think it’s always a winner if you haven’t other inspirations or lacking time ..


Kdeeja: What three make-up items should no woman leave home without?

Andrea: It really depends on the individual, but I would not leave the house without my tiny make-up bag containing my concealer, mascara and a lip gloss. Just having these on you when you are on the go can make a huge difference!!



Kdeeja: Is there anything we wouldn’t expect in your kit?

Andrea: Ah, this is a good one. I would like to emphasize how important hygiene is Make-up, that is expired can be awful. Whether it is lipstick, concealer or mascara. Not good!! Not only will they smell, but they can be harmful to your skin and your eyes!! Mascara has about 6 month shelf life, while foundations and lipsticks are up to 1 year.



Kdeeja: Have you come across any particularly innovative beauty gadgets that you can share with us?

Andrea: I love my airbrush. I apply foundation with it, similar technique when you are getting a spray tan, but a lot more subtle. The results are seriously good. I could never look back now…



Kdeeja: Favorite make-up tips?

Andrea: Well, there are lots of make-up tips, but my favorites will have to be,

1. always use a primer or a moisturizer under your foundation.

2. Do not over powder your skin, start with a tiny bit and see how your skin is a couple of hours. Remember, less is more. We need to see more skin than powder!!!

3. if you are unsure what lipstick to go for, start with neutral, then build up with a pinky/purply toned lipgloss. Whatever you dare!!!!




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