Afternoon Tea at Bread & Bagels

There was nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon when the weather just started being so perfect for a tea time. That is exactly what Zomato came up with for that weekend – an afternoon tea at Bread and Bagels. It was a wonderfully pleasant evening catching up with 4 wonderful ladies, and as always since I prefer a small gathering to a big one where you actually get some work done and more, I felt that it was a beautiful experience all the more.


I was the second of the 5 after the lovely host, and a new foodie friend that I met for the first time that day.

Bread and Bagels were introducing a new afternoon tea menu, and this is what it was all about.

On the menu was of course a collection of bagel and ciabatta sandwiches, of course dessert, and choice of tea or coffee.

My favorite bagel was the one with Sundried tomato Cream Cheese filling. Among others were a choice of Lebneh, B&B Club, FA Prawn, Cheeseburgers.




No afternoon tea is complete without scones and so there it was!


The dessert menu included brownies, cheesecakes, tarts, eclairs, and rocky road.


Not in the mood for tea, I ended up choosing cappucino20151121_165439

There wasnt a prayer hall around but the staff were really cooperative in helping me find a spot where I could pray Maghrib as it was around that time. I tend to be really disappointed if I dont find a prayer hall around especially in Qatar because it is a crucially important part of the daily life of most citizens here. It is not always about the food that gets you back to a place. The customer service, and the behavior of the staff makes a lot of difference. That is definitely a plus I would gladly hand over to Bread and Bagels staff at The Beach Tower.

If you are not on Zomato, then you are seriously missing out on a lot.



Bread and Bagels Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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