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An invitation from the food bloggers Qatar team is one of my favorites that happens from time to time.This time the invitation to a restaurant with a progressive dining cuisine -Zaffran. As usual, it was a pleasure to find my favorite foodies – Hungry Birds Doha, Scoop of Love, Life With Karlly, Qatar Eats, and new foodies – itometa and her friend Sara.

Zaffran Dining Experience is a restaurant like no other in Doha. Being a step ahead in terms of the visual experience that comes along with food, it definitely is a must-stop place for anybody in Doha or visiting Doha. With no compromise in taste, and an extraordinary journey through out your time at the restaurant, this place will live upto your expectation and more.

As always, let me take you through the menu, and have a look at my facebook page just to have a gist of the visually creative journey the night involved.


Deconstructed Pani Puri

You are supposed to put this all at once into your mouth, and once you put them they come together to give you the same palatableness as that of a normal pani puri.

We were then treated to a rose flavored welcome drink which was another experience by itself.

Before the drink was served, this was placed before us -Empty glasses with what looked like a leaf inside it, and am sure it was a leaf as well.


You can see the visual experience of the welcome drink here

And then this happened:


What followed after was a wide selection of appetizers all put together into one plate – each more delicious than the other.


Kandhari Murg, Paneer Makhmali, Bharwa Murgh, Bharwan Kumb – all mysteries of their own worth exploring, and tasting when you are there.

What came after was this beautiful beautiful dish named the Scientific Smoldered Chaat which is a street food transformation. This street food normally contains upto 9 or 10 sauces, and the dish has been designed by the chefs in such a way that with each bite you will be able to get a taste of all the 9 flavors on the dish- such a feat!


Food kept coming in but we werent full at all. Though the amount looked huge, there was no filler that kind of suddenly filled our stomach. This was definitely a surprise for me because in normal cases I would have been more than full by this time.

Then came the main course – classics which were all finger lickin’ good!


Butter Chicken


Mint & Za’atar Naan


The incredibly long array of the various Main Courses served


Cheese Naan


Queen’s bay

Queen’s bay was the best of what I had that night. No Prawn dish has ever come this close in goodness to anything I have ever had before.


So very yum!

After these came in the biryanis – Yakhni Biryani and Butter Chicken Biryani both of which were exemplary.

Then came the palette cleanser which was a hilarious moment with steam coming out of the nose and mouth and everywhere possible when taken a bite off from it. Visit Zaffran and experience it yourself.


Last but not the least came the desserts.


Astronomy Kulfi Canal – a mix of Falooda and Kulfi was my favorite dessert of the night!

We were also served Atomic Rajshahi Bhog – A combination of 4 desserts into one!


To see the opening of the Rajshahi Bhog click here


All in all, the experience was surreal, and yes you definitely need to go there if not for anything surely for Queen’s Bay!

Zaffran Dining Experience Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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  • Isha
    January 17, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    Wow! Marvellously delicious. Anyone would want to relish their stomach with such servings.

    • Kay
      January 17, 2016 at 12:08 pm

      For sure! Thanks Isha for dropping by 🙂


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