What To Choose At The Brew Parlor

Remember when I shared about the launch of the brew parlor at Wyndham Grand Regency, well if you didn’t hear about it you can read it here.

Wyndham Grand’s Brew Parlor is centered on cold-brewed coffee, an artisanal yet approachable trending drink consisting of coffee brewed with cold or room-temperature water, producing a condensed, smooth, and full flavor.

I was in a rush on the launch day as I had another event to get to the same evening, and hence couldn’t find the time to try, and give you all an honest review of the drinks offered on the The brew parlor menu. So I  made some time to go try them out one-by-one. Let me now share with you what was on the menu, and what I thought about it all.

Cafe Olé with dark chocolate, brown sugar and ancho and guajillo chilies – Yes, it stopped me at chocolate. This was my favorite – it is not your typical coffee drink nor your typical chocolate drink. It has a flavor that is very tantalizing, and makes you crave for more. This was the last drink I had, after all the other coffees when I was almost full so my judgement  I can say is not biased at all. Because, I did finish this coffee to the last sip.


Biscotti Coffee with almond whipped cream and simple syrup made of star anise, fennel seed, and orange zest – This one is for those who love coffee desserts, and tiramisus. Drinking this kind of felt like that. I thought I really loved this one but then Cafe Ole’ ended up being my favorite from the lot when I tried them.


Five Spice Shaken Iced Coffee with Thai chili, cinnamon, clove, star anise and sweetened condensed milk – This was quite spicy, not to the extent that it will have your eyes tearing up, and nose running but it was still spicy. A very interesting flavor – not your typical coffee!





What I can tell you is this – you can taste the pure coffee flavor from the cold brew which isn’t very bitter at all to know what am talking about. They can also give the cold brew flavored with coconut, vanilla, or the plain coffee brew itself to give you a taste of this brew that is being made in-house.


Over the discourse we had of coffee with the lovely staff of the Hotel, we found out that these kind of coffees contain much less amounts of caffeine compared to your normal coffee.


The coffee brews that we tried during our review

If you haven’t tried this coffee brew experience yet, head to Al Kut Cafe, Wyndham Grand Regency between 4-6 pm, Sunday- Thursday. Al Kut Cafe has a very Victorian setting, and is a very relaxed place to have your coffee from. It takes your mind away from all the traffic, and rush hour around Doha.

Coffee lovers in Doha- There’s exciting news. Wyndham Grand Regency are in the process of taking your coffee experience to a whole new level. Stay tuned to know what it’s all about.

Al Kut Cafe - Wyndham Grand Regency Doha Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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