Exciting finds from Blue Salon |DJWE 2016

The Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition is an annual event that brings to Doha the best of fine jewelry and watches from around the world. Although, I have always tried to make it there, this year was the first time I actually made it to the Exhibition.

One discovery journey of fabulous designers I had was at the Blue Salon stand. They had a great collection of watches – one of them had me looking at it, and spending a good 20 minutes observing its beauty.

Jacob & Co was the first stop I made at Blue Salon, and they were the creators or more so the curators of the stunning watch which had me in awe for quite a well.


The Astronomia Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillon – an exclusive Jacob & Co creation with 42 Baguette Diamonds – a limited edition creation with just 18 pieces in total – I am sure was the best watch I had discovered, and tried at this exhibition. Inside, the watch is a 1 carat diamond which is in Jacob cut with 288 facets. To make a cut like that, a raw diamond of approximately 3 carats, and then it had to be cut continuously, and ultimately by the time you end up with 288 facets, the diamond turns out to be 1 carat.

Gravitational Orbital Tourbillon cage rotates on 3 axes:

1st Axe: Tourbillon Cage Rotating in 60 seconds

2nd Axe: in 5 minutes

3rd Axe: Central Axe in 20 minutes


The box that has been made to place this watch is a presentation by itself. A watch so grand deserves a dramatic reveal like that I believe.

The beauty of the watch cannot be captured in pictures. Here’s my attempt at finding the best preview of the watch online.

Jacob&Co was said to be celebrating its 30 years anniversary this year. Jacon Arabo the founder of the brand was born in Uzbekistan, and has been living in New York where he established his company.

Another stunning piece at the Jacob & Co was a glove from the Rare Touch collection – 18K  gold glove set with 546 brilliant cut diamonds.


I love collectibles – not really to collect them, well I don’t mind collecting them. 😀

I love them for the stories, the inspirations, the creative process behind them.


Another beautiful creation I tried was the ring bracelet from the Celeste Collection. The Celeste Collection combines the elements of the celestial bodies, capturing the incandescence of the sun and the luminosity of the moon in a single enchanting and dynamic design. Delicate strands of radiant diamonds capture the ethereal quality of floating through the cosmos.


Jacob’s Web mirrors the sensation of sparkling raindrops falling upon a spider web. This spectacular full finger ring evokes a diamond dusted web intricately woven of black rhodium plated gold with two hinges crafted to fit and move comfortably.

Jacob & Co had a lot to show, and a lot to present. I did not realize how much time I had spent there as I was captivated by the sparkle of the gems there!

It is really interesting to find how many options one has in this life. We stopped at Breitling – A brand that offers timekeeping instruments for professionals. Most of their watches are for professionals Most of their watches are attributed to aeroplanes and pilots. They have something called the Emergency Watch which has a system which will give out an SOS signal with GPS location and transmits these signals for upto 24 hours. Something that a pilot in need would find really handy when the systems in aircrafts fail.


Another brand we discovered at the Blue Salon stand was Zenith watches known for their El Primero setting. Over 40 years on, El Primero is still the most precise series-made chronograph, the only one capable of measuring short times to the nearest tenth of a second. It is also one of the most titled, having been honoured by numerous distinctions.

The evolved versions of this legendary caliber are now housed within a complete collection bearing its name. It takes an average of nine months to make a single watch in the El Primero Collection. A series of 2,500 operations are performed by 300 expert pairs of hands and 18 different metals are used. So much hard work, and detailing just in a watch – who would have thought?

More discoveries from the Blue Salon stand









There were many more exciting discoveries made at the Blue Salon stand. For what Blue Salon has to offer I’d suggest you make a visit to them, and see the fabulous brands they have in-house.


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