Sandwich Factory Opening At The Gate Mall + Food Review

With a Street-Food Snack-House concept, Sandwich factory is yet another gem of a place to have come to D-Town’s restaurant selection. A brand that is completely developed from scratch, and hidden away in the most unexpected of places with a very affordable menu, Sandwich Factory is your must-visit food stop when at The Gate Mall. The prices on the menu will have you staring at it twice just to make sure you haven’t seen it wrong.

Taste wise, they have done a great job with atleast most of whatever I had tried. We joined Doha Tweetups who were part of the opening, and the evening turned out to be one filled with so much laughter – Thanks to fellow foodies – Sahar, Gopika, and Manju amongst others.

Here’s a glimpse of all that I tried on that day, and my thoughts on it.

We ordered the Zaatar & Cheese Mana Eesh, and it came out looking like this. The moment we saw it we knew the rest of our experience was going to be great. You know what they say about first experiences, it matters!


The mini falafels were amazing. Small in size, crispy, and the fillings were such a burst of flavor. It was exactly how I loved it.



If you are really hungry, and looking for a delicious, and filling meal, go for the Phili Steak. Their breads are made in-house, and are absolutely soft.


We moved on to the dessert selection. Honestly, I didn’t have much expectations but I was proved wrong.

The tart was absolutely perfect- Not too sweet, Fresh strawberries, Perfectly crumbling, and crunchy base, and a not too small.


sandwich-factory-tartThen came the eclairs – Not wanting to brag or anything but they were amazing.


We then knew that the last dessert we ordered would be the best one – The cheese cake. No longer were we done with the eclair, we dug into the Cheese cake. It was absolutely amazing – soft base, not too sweet, well set, and delicious.



And, after eating all these desserts, we didn’t feel too heavy. We felt light which left us feeling not too guilty for having all those calories, and sugar in one night.

Have you been to the Sandwich Factory? Let me know your experience, and what you ordered as well.
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