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Recently, I was asked by a friend, why my blog posts aren’t that long? Well, truth of the matter is I wish I had more time to share my experiences with y’all but, so many things happen everyday. It’s just not easy to pen down my experiences. On Saturday, I went to try out the newly opened Lord of the Wings at The Pearl. The place was kind of empty when I went, but with time I saw that it got really busy for a new place which is I think a good sign.

Lord of the Wings has their signature dishes of wings – which you can either have it the traditional, breaded, grilled or boneless . You can even choose the level of spiciness. It’s a fun place to go with your friends in the sense, they have a wall of fame to see who can eat 8 wings in the shortest time at the spiciest level without forks, or gloves. So go give it a try.

Lord of the Wings has an extensive menu. So, have a go through it first before you make up your mind on what exactly you want to have.

From the appetizers, we tried the Traditional Poutine which is French Fries with some cheese, and gravy. This was really delicious. We devoured it!


Moving onto salads, Yes I did have salad – you know to make a balanced diet. We opted for the All Natural Quinoa Salad. This was amazing – I loved the whole blend of quinoa with avocados, cherry tomatoes, cranberries, and everything that was put together. It made for quite a delectable treat.


They have a range of Flatbreads as well. Pesto is what we went for – It was amazing. I just took a slice rolled it to kind of make it like a sandwich, and then I had it, andย then words left me. It was something I really liked. If you love cheese, and cherry tomatoes, and are looking for something not too heavy, this is a great choice.


How come we visit Lord of the Wings, and leave it without trying the Wings? We didn’t! We tried the breaded wings with Buffalo Suicide which is like the most spicy level there. It was worth a bucket of tears of spice. Really!


There’s more on the menu -there were burgers which we skipped, and moved onto the mains. Weย picked the grilled beef fillet, and chicken Parmesan. The beef fillet was a winner for me, but looks like the chicken Parmesan may need a little bit more work to make it there.



They also have a kids menu, and very sumptuous looking desserts. So we had to order them- Affogato and Caramel Lazy Cake both were winners of choices – and I’d really recommend them to you all.ย qatar-blogger-khansa-lord-of-the-wings-caramel-lazy-cake



Obviously, we didn’t finish it all, so decided to pack away what was left over as I really hate to waste food, and I think everyone here needs to be stop being wasteful when dining out. I see a lot of food going to waste in many restaurants. Order what you can eat, and if you can’t finish it, take it back home, instead of letting it go to waste. Good food is a blessing!

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I was a guest of Lord of the Wings. Must try!

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  • Sahar
    April 27, 2016 at 8:56 pm

    A good review and you wrote so much this time.

    • Kay
      April 28, 2016 at 12:20 pm



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