Ramadan Offers, Iftars and Suhoors in Doha ( Non-Hotel)

Ramadan is here alhamdulillah! As I pen down the offerings around Doha where you can have your Iftars, and Suhoors, I am truly thankful to the Almighty for having been given the opportunity to have another Ramadan. Many who have been here last Ramadan have left us, and have not made it to this Ramadan. So, make sure that you are grateful not only for getting another Ramadan, but every extra second that you have in your life is an opportunity for you to do something good.

Here I have compiled together the Iftars, and Suhoors that are happening in stand-alone restaurants. For a comprehensive list of the Iftars, and Suhoors in hotels, you can head to Hungry Birds Doha

That aside here are the Iftar Offerings happening around Doha:


Enjoy Wafi Gourmet’s Iftar and Sohour offers during the holy month of Ramadan with your friends and family for only 99QR per person Iftar Buffet and 80QR per person for their Sohour Set Menus!






Balmesan‬ offers you a seafood dining experience like no other. Visit them and enjoy only the very fresh seafood in town with their Iftar Set Menu, only for 109QR!








Copacabana Iftar menu-01 Copacabana Iftar menu-02


Tamarind Iftar Menu a-01

Tamarind Iftar Menu a-02-creativitywithkay-qatarblogger


BG Iftar Menu-01

BG Iftar Menu-02-creativitywithkay-qatarblogger

NANDOS INS Greeting[AiS3]

Ramadan Timings
Branches: Salwa Road, Financial Center, Bin Omran, The Pearl
Dine-In: 5:00PM – 3:00AM
Delivery:  4:00PM-2:00AM

Branches: City Center, Hyatt Plaza, Gulf Mall
Dine-In: 5:00PM-1:00AM
Delivery:  4:00PM-1:00AM

Call Center: 3:00PM-2:00AM

Special Ramadan Menu  Includes:
Espetada Meal: Soup + Espetada + 2 Sides + Designer Drink …. QR85

Cataplana Meal:Soup + Cataplana + Designer Drink …. QR80

Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal:Soup + Butterfly Chicken + 2 Sides + Designer Drink …. QR75

PAUL Iftar


Venue Name: PAUL Bakery and Restaurant

Promotion Name: PAUL Iftar

Description: Popular family restaurant PAUL offers up a selection of French flavours through the Holy month of Ramadan, including Ragoût de loup de mer (roasted seabass, carrot and fennel in a seafood bisque), Poulet grille et ragout de grains (grilled chicken breast, quinoa, pearl barley and sautéed vegetables), and Medallions de boeuf et gratin de courgette (grilled beef medallions, gratinated marrow with vegetables and béchamel sauce), in addition to a delicious selection of cakes for gifting to family and friends.

Price: 109 QR
Dates and times: Open from 9am-1pm for take away. Iftar available throughout Ramadan from sunset
Venues address: PAUL is located at The Pearl, Villagio Mall, Lagoona Mall and Landmark Mall

Fb/Insta: @PAULarabia


The Butcher Shop & Grill Ramadan

The Butcher Shop & Grill_Rump steak

Venue Name: The Butcher Shop & Grill

Promotion Name: Buy One Get One Free

Description: Double up on the meat offerings with Ramadan special vouchers available at South African steakhouse The Butcher Shop and Grill as guests are invited to enjoy a complimentary main dish when a dish of equal or greater value is purchased. Indulge in top favourites including the Bone-in-Ribeye, Veal and Lobster Thermidor and the Beef Espetada, alongside complementary soups and dates for the festive season.

Price: Various
Dates and times: Throughout Ramadan from sunset until 1:00am
Venues address: The Butcher Shop and Grill is located in Villagio Mall.

Fb/Insta: @ButcherShopAR


Köşebaşı Iftar 

Köşebaşı Hummus_Qatar_blogger_creativitywithkay

Venue Name: Köşebaşı

Promotion Name: Köşebaşı Iftar

Description: For a traditional Iftar, the popular Turkish restaurant Köşebaşı offers a set Ramadan special featuring Ezo Gelin (traditional Turkish red lentil and bulgur soup) for starters, followed by a selection of hot and cold appetizers including favourites such as Hummus, Dolma (vine leaves), Zeytinyagli Fasulye (sautéed green beans with onion and fresh tomatoes), Tavuklu Boregi (homemade dough with sautéed chicken and vegetables), Fındık Üçlemesi (assorted pidettes) and more.
Price: QR 109 for adults and QR 55 for children

Dates and times: Throughout Ramadan from sunset until 1:00am.
Venues address: Köşebaşı is located in Gulf Mall

Fb/Insta: @kosebasiarabia


MEGU Ramadan Promotion



burj al hamam iftar menu
















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True Beauty can not be put in words,
Pictures do no justice to them either,
It must be felt! 🤗🤗🤗
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Blue skies and green leaves -
Naturally beautiful just like you!
Where social media feeds us with the latest launches and must-haves everyday, it sometimes becomes hard to remember what we are blessed with.
A reminder to myself first 🙂
This Ramadan let us take time to reflect on how blessed we are, and how grateful we need to be for having being blessed with so much from clean water to safe homes - the needs which a lot of people are not priveleged to. 🏡🏡🚿🚿💧💧🇶🇦🇶🇦
#Ramadan2017 #Ramadan #RemindertoMyself #CultureAmbassador #Halal #MuslimBlogger #Islam #Alhamdulillah #bananaislanddoha #QatarBloggers #BlueSkies #CleanWater #TraveltheWorld #ABMLifeisColorful
Look, ladies, there's going to be a bunch of people/memes/articles/sheikhs/etc telling you that you can't do it. That you should take it easy. That they get it, your kids are young, your body is weak, your kitchen is small and your family is big, your life is HARD, you simply cannot achieve your worship goals so don't even try, its okay, there, there, pat, pat.
I'm here to tell you the exact opposite. I'm here to tell you: Yes You Can. I'm here to tell you that yes your life is is tough but you are tougher. I'm here to remind you that you push yourself all year. I see it. I see your willpower. And your strength. Your stubborn refusal to give in to all the difficult, trying circumstances of your life.
You are a champion.
And champions don't give up right before the actual race starts!
All year, we build ourselves emotionally and physically for Ramadan. THIS is the main event. This is where you get to test the mettle for yourself where all year you've been testing it for others.
Ramadan is for YOU. So get up. Push yourself. Set lofty targets and work your behind off trying to reach them. The pleasure is in the reaching. In the striving. NOT in the achieving. The achieving and assessment of achieving, we leave it to Him. That's not our business. We just keep ourselves busy trying.Don't NOT try because some one (a man probably) thinks you don't have it in you.
You do.Words as picked up from Drama Mama
#Ramadan #Drama #ramadan2017 #qatarbloggers #muslimblogger #muslim #islam
As the first night of Ramadan unfolds to give way to the second, I want to specially make this du'a for all my family, friends and loved ones. 🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌
*May اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى* record our name amongst those who will be forgiven.  آمين 🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌
*May اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى* accept all our Du'as and widen our Rizq with lots of Barakah. آمين 🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌
*May اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى*  grant us the strength to fulfill our obligations to the best of our ability and confirm our entry Into the highest rank in *JANNAH* by *HIS* Mercy.آمين 🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌
*May اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى*  remove all our difficulties and ease all our tasks. آمين 🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌
*May اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى*  answer from *HIS* infinite mercy, all that we need and ask for, from the dreams of our heart to the prayers on our lips, to  every expectation and aspiration we may have. آمين
🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌 *May اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى*  protect and guide us; and keep us safe from all calamities. آمين
🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌 *May اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى* grant us success and elevate our status in both this world and the Hereafter. آمين
🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌May اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى* grant us Halaal livelihood and fill you with Noor. آمين 🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌
*May اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى* grant us and our family good health and strength; and a long and prosperous life. آمين 🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌
*May اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى*  remove all our difficulties and ease all our tasks. آمين 🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌
*May اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى* make you and me a shining example of a true Muslim and an inspiration for others too ......
آمين 🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌
#ramadan2017 #ramadan #ksa #kaabah #wdoha #Qatarbloggers #CultureAmbassador #MuslimBlogger #qatar #qatarblogger #Halal #Halalblogger #Iftar
If I have said or done anything to hurt you please find it in your heart to forgive me, and make dua that Allah grants me guidance and sincerity. May this Ramadan be our best yet! May Allah's immaculate grace and exceptional wisdom conquer your life as you celebrate this holy month of Ramadan
Have a blessed and peaceful Ramadan......💕 ❤❤❤ #ramadan2017 #Alhamdulillah #Qatarbloggers #mybateelmoments
#رمضان #رمضان_كريم #قطري
No matter what angle you look from, the architecture of the Taj Mahal is a masterpiece
#TajMahal #MughalArchitecture #Unescoheritagesite #Historic #incredibleindia #qatarbloggers #indiabloggers #CultureAmbassador #traveltheworld #travelblogger #Agra #India #Blueskies #_soi #shahjahan #dohablogger
Who wouldn't want to jump in here as respite from the heat?
Such a gorgeous looking infinity pool
@aliladiwagoa @alilahotels#infinitypools #Goa #Majorda #AlilaHotels #AlilaDiwaGoa #qatarbloggers #india #indiabloggers #traveltheworld #CultureAmbassador #GoaBloggers #summers
When hotels really go out of their way to make moments memorable - a pretty little spread on our bed when we checked into the room at @movenpickjbrComing soon on my blog - a review of this property!This is the age of experience, and when it comes to hospitality, companies that go out of their way to pay attention to small details and make your stay as memorable, those are the tales you will always want to share.
In my case @movenpickjbr was a star except for the fact that they addressed me as Mr. Khansa all the time or am not sure if they thought Mr. M's name was Khansa 😂😂 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
#movenpickjbr #jbrdubai #dubaibloggers #jumeirahbeachresidence #jbrhotels #movenpickhotels #traveltheworld #travelblogger #dubaitravel #qatarbloggers #CultureAmbassador #MuslimBlogger #FamilyBlogger

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