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If there’s one thing, I have really hoped that would open up in Doha soon is a good theme park – one that has enough and plenty of rides for adults as well. I remember growing up in Doha – there was only one nameable theme park as such which was all inclusive – Aladdin’s Kingdom. That has been gone for the longest time. As such, whenever I travel to a destination with a good theme park, I always try and make it there. Last year it was Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi, this time it was the Dubai Parks and Resorts.

And, I am about to tell you about all my favorite experiences from Dubai Parks and Resorts one by one. If you haven’t heard of this place before – Dubai Parks and Resorts is the first integrated resort destination in the region. It’s the home of three world-class theme parks and one water park, as well as Riverland Dubai, the grand entrance plaza, and a Polynesian themed family resort.

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I would recommend doing a staycation at the Lapita hotels, and opting for a week’s pass. One day is surely not enough to really experience the place.

We started off at Legoland, followed by Motion Gate Dubai, and ended the day at Bollywood parks and Resorts – When you get your maps, you will see as many as 50 things listed in each park. So, really a day isn’t just enough to get the whole experience.

We went without kids, so this guide (well, not exactly a guide but the highlight from the 3 parks I visited) is more relatable to adults/ teenagers/ couples sans kids. Here’s my list of what you must really check out whilst there:

    • Miniland in Lego Land – First things first, we visited the park in April, and it was too hot already. Miniland is indoors, and air conditioned. So, we really enjoyed the time in there in comfort. I really enjoyed seeing the miniature versions of the ten tallest buidings, Taj Mahal, Dubai Airport, The Pyramids, and the many structures that were made with lego. They were so beautifully made with close attention to details.Dubai is not only a host to the tallest tower in the world – but, also the world’s tallest Lego building – the Burj Khalifa. You can also find facts like how long it took, how many bricks its made of, and how much it weighs along with each of these models. The Burj Khalifa model was designed and built in over 5,000 hours using 439,000 Lego bricks, and weighs a ton – literally.

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  • The Dragon (Kingdoms) in Legoland – It wasn’t only the ride itself that particularly stood out for me. The way into it is a castle that we must have seen in fairytales, and stories when we were smaller. So, it was really like living the cartoons I watched, and the story books I used to read. I used to have a fear of going on roller coasters. But, having tried the fastest, and the highest at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, I have gotten better to face it. So, this wasn’t scary at all, Its enjoyable!

    • Underworld 4D adventure in Motiongate: A fun one to enjoy together with family. A little bit on the spookier side.
    • Zombieland Blast Off in Motiongate: I did not try this because I don’t do very well with heights. A roller coaster was fine for me. This one was a little bit more hard, and scary from its looks. A 58m tower that would blast you up, and down, at unimaginable speeds.
    • The Fountain in Dreamworks (MotionGate): I do not how long I stood at this fountain. All my favorite cartoon characters all around! I totally sound like a kid here but, it’s stunning, and my pictures do it very little justice.

  • Madagascar: Mad Pursuit in MotionGate: One of the people on my instagram had recommended me not to miss this ride for sure. When I walked in there, the queue was unending. I thought I was going to spend a whole day there. But, then turned out there was some technical fault, and we had to wait. People got tired of waiting, and started leaving. As a result, by the time the issue was sorted, I was almost near the entrance of the ride. The perks of waiting ! It was definitely fun, and much more faster than Dragon ( the ride I had gotten on at Legoland)

  • Bollywood Parks Dubai : I really did not spend a lot of time in this park. However, if you are going to be there, make sure you see the places in daylight. It is a photographer’s dream. The details are lovely.

Here’s the thing about travel. No matter how much fun you have, and all the beautiful pictures you get to see, it’s not all fun, and glitter. There’s always some or the other ordeal that tests us of our patience, and pushes our limits though social media feeds tend to hide that a lot. While we were about to leave, our car broke down as we had forgotten to turn off one of the lights, and we had to get help. The parking lot is huge, so finding a staff working in the Park took us some time. The weather wasn’t particularly favorable as summer had already started. However, we found someone after walking a bit, and in less than ten minutes they got us out. So, hats off to the team for helping us out and attending to us quickly.

Few things to note :

  • If you plan to spend a day there,and and are worried about missing Salah, There’s prayer rooms in every park which is great. So, those families spending a day there do not have to worry about it. I would also recommend dining in Riverland if you have the time to.
  • If you arrive at Park Opening time, head to rides at the back of the Park first.
  • Look out for queue waiting times throughout the park to help you plan your day.
  • If you truly want to minimize waiting , Q – Fast is the best way.

Make sure to check out their summer offers – some of them are quite a bargain I can say. 

If you have been there, let me know what you thought of it!

Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Dubai Parks and Resorts. All pictures, and opinions are mine.


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