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This little blog started as a creative outlet for me, and has become a place where I can share my thoughts, photos, recipes, and stories. My blog is a creative space to share bits and pieces of my work in addition to travel experiences and reviews. Influenced by the greatest traveler of all times, Ibn Battutah I plan on travelling the world to seek knowledge and learn about other cultures.

Like most things in life, this blog is a work in progress. I am constantly inspired by creative minds, foreign places, new and challenging recipes, and the written word.

I blog travel – I love travel, and there is no project that tugs me as much as travel does. While travelling, I always have Mr. M accompanying me when work involves flying out of Qatar.

I blog fashion – Just like any other lady, I enjoy shopping. Although, not following the trend of modelling with the products involved, my fashion posts are mostly flatlays or artistically curated posts. I am a veiled blogger. However, I have a lot of audience who follow my blog for my kind of lifestyle. They want to see the latest of fashion brands. Seeing it on a model is not exactly their taste. They wouldn’t be so much interested in an outright fashion blogger because they cannot relate to their lifestyle. It is for such audience that understand our kind of lifestyle that I collaborate with fashion brands on creating the most unique of posts not on a model to showcase the latest of products.

I blog food – Everyone in Qatar knows me for blogging food. If there is a new restaurant, I am there! If there is a new menu, I am there. I also have a policy when it comes to reviews – If there are leftovers, I like to take it packed with me. Wasting food is a no-no for me. Seeing food that is left over to thrown away at restaurants pains me.

I blog anything creative.

Blogging around as Kay from the ‘K’ of Khansa, I love to remain true to myself. I love anything creative, hate to be bound and is an independent soul. Always open to an intellectual discussion and on a constant journey of learning , I narrate my experiences and also share updates from around the world on here.

I am more than happy to feature your products and services, provided they fit with my blog’s interest topics and theme, and I am happy to help your company with following services:
  •  Review hotels, destination, tours, airlines, Press trips
  • Attend events (Coverage is mostly live, and is totally dependent on the whole experience)
  • Review restaurant/ spas
  • Attend cooking lessons, Try out recipes, preferably with organic and healthy ingredients
  • Review products that fit my lifestyle
  • Instagram Takeover and Social Media advice (Discuss and Implement A Strategy That Helps your Brand to Grow)
  • Giveaways and Contests
  • Brand Ambassadorship
 I hope you can find something that gives you the same feeling throughout these pages. I love questions, or just notes to say hello, so please never hesitate to contact me. I am different in the way I see things. Having been born, and brought up in Doha, I see things from an angle of what is acceptable to society here. I will not be able to compromise on my values, and gems of religion that I have been brought up with when I blog.

Thank you for being here, it means so much to me.


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About me

Khansa A J

Khansa A J

I love capturing moments and memories. This is my diary where I share with y'all exciting, creative, and memorable moments I get to witness throughout my life


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